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Anne – I retired from full time employment in December 2008 and spent my first year of retirement doing all the things  I had not had time for when I was working – I enrolled in embroidery class, read glossy magazines and was the cappuccino queen of Corowa – almost  daily I could be found enjoying the company of other retired friends in the local cafe’s. My husband was still working full time at that stage, so I  had no one to talk to during the day.  As I had always worked around large numbers of people, I gradually realised that I needed something to do that kept me in contact with people. So, after much thinking, talking to others who had retired, observing people in a variety of workplaces, as well as making a list of the components of “customer service”, my husband and I decided that as I enjoy driving, I should start up a chauffeur driven service around the wineries.

Many weeks were spent deciding on the business name, but the decision to buy an old Mercedes Benz was made easily. I didn’t know what car I wanted, but I knew it had to be “classy”, old and have style. Gordon Mackinlay of Rutherglen showed me a couple of cars and I happily purchased Frances, a white 1968 model Mercedes Benz. Sadly Frances is no longer with us and I am now the proud owner of Francesca, daughter of Frances.

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I spent the  next 3 months applying for the many certificates, registrations, approvals and accreditations required to be the owner/manager/driver of this beautiful Mercedes.

When all paperwork was complete, I had to start thinking about the business I was about to operate. I was   given major assistance from the BEC (Business Enterprise Centre) in Wodonga as well as  Julie Upton, accountant at Dingle and Co.

My first passengers were 2 women from central Victoria. They were cheery, friendly and not at all critical. I was very nervous, but they were kind enough not to comment about this. Since then I have had an amazing variety of people – but never have I had a client who wasn’t amiable.

A client suggested that the car was so special that I should consider giving her a personality. So, I gave her the name of her first owner (Frances). She was a 1968 model that has now been replaced by her daughter Francesca of 1989 vintage.

Francesca is a 1989 pajett red Mercedes Benz 560/SEL SERIES & holds four passengers in style and comfort.

Anne has over 30 years driving experience on country roads and holds a current Driver Accreditation and Commercial Passenger Vehicle Licence with Victorian Taxi Directorate.

Contact me now 0437 212 449 to arrange your day out in North East Victoria.

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